Hanna Kahrola

In between II: The Name of us is Luborg

Trailer: Oriane Paras
Performers: Hanna Kahrola and Oriane Paras

Showing: cyberspace premiere 17th Dec 2020 at Päiväntanssit stream event

Gender blender

Teaser: Karri Kaivo
Concept and performing: Tuija Touhunen & Hanna Kahrola / working group fema
Showing: virtual premiere 29th May 2020, filmed at Liikelaituri, Tampere

In between - A Light Comedy about Abortion and Euthanasia

Video documentation
Choreography and directing: Fuji Hoffmann
On stage: Hanna Kahrola
Showing: STL, Tallinn, 5th May 2019

Ihmishavaintoja / Human perceptions

Cinematography: Anna-Mari Nousiainen
Paintings and directing: Tomas Regan
Dramaturgy: VIlle Kurki
Dance: Diina Bukareva, Hanna Kahrola, Antti Marjakangas, Ville Oinonen, Iiris Raipala
Showings: Taidesalonki, Dec 2017 during Tomas Regan’s Ihmishavaintoja art exhibition

In Between

Cinematography: Marit Fogelgren
Based on stage piece “Välissä”/”In Between”, choreography and directing: Fuji Hoffmann

Croatian disco inside of my head

Recording: Sanna Pelvola
Dance and editing: Hanna Kahrola

Parts of Static moving

Choreography and dance: Hanna Kahrola
Demo showing: July 2015, Liikelaituri, Tampere
Parts from the solo piece “Static moving”