Hanna Kahrola

Sivuutetut – liikekuvia ihmiskaupasta / Bypassed – Moving Pictures of Trafficking in Human Beings
  Working with visual artist Maijariitta Karhulahti, light designer Veli Pekka Kuronen, sound designer Markus Tapio and costumer   Suvi-Tuuli Höglund
  Premiered 4th December 2021 at Liikelaituri, Tampere
  Touring in the autumn 2022:
    Sello Library, Espoo 3rd Sept at 2pm, 
    Rajatila Gallery, Tampere 23th Sept and 9th Oct
    Moreeni Theatre, Poleeni, Pieksämäki 14th Oct at 4pm
    Ongoing working process with the artist collective:
      Anna Kupari, dance artist
      Tuuti Touhunen, dance artist
    Artistic outcomes in public spaces
    Toisintoja/Versions available for touring
    Ongoing collaboration with Insurgent Spacial Practices researcer group and choreographer, ethnographer Jaakko Simola
  Performer in choreographer Wilhelmina Ojanen´s piece
  Premiered 17th December 2021 at Kenneli DIY, Tampere
During year 2022 my work is supported by:
  Arts Promotion Centre Finland: working grant (Pirkanmaa), korona grant
  Niilo Helander Foundation: production grant (working group)
  City of Tampere: production grant (working group)
  Wihuri Foundation: production grant (working group)