Hanna Kahrola

Sivuutetut – liikekuvia ihmiskaupasta / Bypassed – Moving Pictures of Trafficking in Human Beings
  Working with visual artist Maijariitta Karhulahti
  Premiere 4th December 2021
    Ongoing working process with the artistic group:
      Anna Kupari, dance artist
      Tuuti Touhunen, dance artist
    Events in public spaces
    Toisintoja/Versions – artistic process in progress at the moment
In Between II: The Name of us is Luborg
   Artistic group:
      Fuji Hoffmann (SE),
      Oriane Paras (FR/DK),
      Ilja Gussarov (GER/EST),
      Terje Toomistu (EST) and
      Pernilla Ivarsson (SE)
   Premiere at Päiväntanssit cyberspace event 17th December 2020
   Performance available for touring and quest performances
During year 2021 my work has been supported by:
  Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Pirkanmaa: Korona grant, Mobility grant (working group), Working grant
  Central Finland Regional Dance Center: Liikelaituri summer residency (working group)
  The City of Outokumpu: Old Mine Residency (working group)
  Esitystaiteen seura – Live Art Society: Autumn residency (working group)
  Niilo Helander Foundation: production grant  (working group)
  Otto A. Malm Lahjoitusrahasto: production grant (working group)
  City of Kuopio: production grant (working group)
  City of Tampere: production grant (working group)